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We developed the Patrol Power harness by integrating the features technicians needed to build the best cars available.

Browse our harnesses' features below.

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Adjustable Power Timer

The system's built-in power time eliminates vehicle battery drain by shutting down selected accessories 30 min to 7½ hours after ignition is switched off.

Color Coded Fuse Diagram

The easily accessible fuse diagram and wiring legend allow for rapid diagnosis of fuse-related accessory failures.

Cross-linked Polyolefin Wire

Every wire in the emergency vehicle wiring harness is marked every 6 inches, describing what accessory it's tied to or what function it performs.

Cross-linked Polyolefin wire meets or exceeds a number of specifications, making it more resistant to heat and abrasion than standard automotive wire.

Standards Our Wire Meets or Exceeds

  • Chrysler specifications MS 5919
  • Ford specifications M1L85-A
  • MIL-specifications MIL-7928
  • Packard specifications M-2023
  • SAE specifications 7928
  • SAE specifications J1128

Single AWG Battery Connection

The system provides a single connection directly to the battery for all aftermarket accessories, ensuring the best connection possible.

High-Amp Thermal Circuit Breaker

Because all emergency accessories are connected via one connection, we can immediately disconnect all aftermarket accessories at the push of a button, greatly simplifying maintenance.

MIL-SPEC Wire Crimps

We apply military standards to our products, ensuring the protection and service of our emergency and law enforcement personnel.

MIL-SPEC 300 Amp Relay

Whereas mechanical solenoids often fail due to terminal contamination, our military-grade, fully-sealed relay eliminates possible failures.

Siren Resistor Plug

Service technicians testing siren circuits can do so without excessive noise by taking advantage of the resistor plug.

Vehicle-Specific Housings

Each panel is housed in a durable housing of ABS plastic and/or powder coated steel. We have designed housings for the majority of public safety vehicles in use today.

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