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Why use Patrol Power

Patrol Power reduces vehicle installation time and improves build quality for vehicle upfitters.

Fleet managers appreciate the reliability and simplified maintenance our wiring harnesses bring.

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Why use Patrol Power

Wiring Harnesses for Vehicle Upfitters

Patrol Power offers a number of advantages for vehicle upfitters, making vehicle builds faster, less expensive and high quality.

Reduce Vehicle Upfitting Times

Our vehicle wiring harnesses reduce upfitting times by 25% to 50% per vehicle. That translates into extensive savings for you - your technicians spend less time on each vehicle, improving your throughput and allowing you to deliver vehicles to your customers faster.

Improve Vehicle Outfitting Quality

Using a Patrol Power throughout your vehicle increases the quality of your builds in several ways.

  1. Our wires are clearly labeled every 6 inches, so your technicians always know which wire goes where.
  2. Identical wiring across a fleet outfitting job provides repetition and consistency - every car is the same.
  3. Our military-grade crimps, relays and extremely durable wire allows you to equip your customers' vehicles with the highest quality materials available.

Wiring Harnesses for Fleet Managers


High Quality Wiring Harnesses Keep Your Vehicles on The Road

The wire that makes up a Patrol Power harness is more resistant to heat and abrasion than standard automotive wire, so you never have to worry about electrical concerns caused by shoddy wiring jobs.

Moreover, we mechanically apply all our crimps to military standards, so the joints on every vehicle wiring harness never fail.

That kind of quality keeps your vehicles on the road and out of the shop longer, protecting your investment.

Standardized Wiring Harnesses Simplify Maintenance

When your vehicles come in for maintenance, Patrol Power simplifies the process. We use thumbscrews to attach our fuse panel covers, keeping the simple maintenance jobs tool-free.

When your vehicles need serious maintenance, you can disconnect all non-standard equipment, anything that was not factory-installed, with the touch of a button. Or use the built-in siren resistor plug to test the vehicle siren without ear-splitting noise.

Harnesses Designed for You

Vehicle upfitters who become Patrol Power dealers have the opportunity to have a Patrol Power harness built exclusively for their needs, ensuring the perfect fit. Learn more about becoming a dealer.

Patrol Power vs. The Competition

Just like our competitors we provide a high-quality product, designed specifically around your vehicle builds. Our approach, also provides several additional advantages.

Fast Turn-Around

We have designed fuse panels for most of the vehicles in use by law enforcement and public safety. Our standardized approach allows us to keep almost every unit in stock or produce it within a few days.

Instead of waiting for a custom build, you receive your order within a few business days.

Standard Builds Means Flexibility

We approach vehicle wiring harnesses with two goals: standardization and comprehensively covering every need. Our standard harnesses offer 22 wire — one for every imaginable accessory plus two spare wires.

Our comprehensive approach allows you to upfit your vehicle as you see fit — if your upfitting plans change after you receive your harnesses, simply redirect the wires. You're never locked into a single plan.

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