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Gen 1 Siren Fuse Panel for Tahoe (PPV), Rear Mount, bluePRINT




Fuse Panels



SoundOff Signal bluePRINT 500


Chevy Tahoe (PPV Only)


2021, 2022, 2023, 2024


This Gen 1 fuse panel is for a Chevy Tahoe, 2021-2024/current, PPV, with a siren system. It mounts in the rear of the vehicle, replacing the jack mount.

This fuse panel is designed for use with a siren system and relies on a siren output (instead of a dedicated module on the fuse panel) to throw the relay for timed circuits. (The counterpart Gen 1 fuse panel for Chevy Tahoe that includes its own timer is TA0023.)  It also shifts some space from ATC fuse holders for more MAXI fuses.

This kit includes:

  • Gen 1 fuse panel (incl. circuit breaker & relay)

    • 14 ATC-fused circuits

    • 8 MAXI-fused circuits

    • 22' of wire for all circuits

  • Mounting bracket

  • 2-Piece battery harness, 4AWG

Note: see item WIREH0017 for additional harness length.

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