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FasTech Complete Vehicle Kit for Chevy Tahoe







SoundOff Signal bluePRINT 500


Chevy Tahoe


2021, 2022, 2023, 2024


This kit requires a Chevy Tahoe running SoundOff Signal bluePRINT 500-Series (100W or 200W) with 3-Wire mPower perimeter lights.

This kit includes:

This package supports:

  • Aftershock low frequency siren

  • Covert Patrol BOM ready

  • All common radio, computer, scanner, printer, gun rack items

  • Modem and video pre-wire

  • Officer Dome Light

  • R/W Prisoner dome lights w/ included Switch

  • Multiple cargo dome lights w/ Rear over-ride switch and plaque. (Liftgate and rear headliner)

  • R/W Prisoner dome lights w/included Switch

  • The following mPower 3-wire perimeter emergency lights (any color)

    • SoundOff exterior lightbar or front interior lightbar (rear interior requires a single additional harness)

    • (4) Four push bumper/grille LED's

    • (2) Under mirror LED's

    • (2) 1/4 window LED's (one on each side)

    • (2-4) Under Spoiler LED's

    • (2) Rear liftgate/license plate LED's

    • (2) Liftgate open/interior cargo LED's

    • UC LED's installed in the reverse housings (Requires FT-C01-PPOW-BOM-01)

  • Flash activation of the OEM brake lights (Non SYNC)

  • Activation of the OEM "wig/wag"

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